Squashing My Race Week Nerves

Managing stress and eliminating self-doubt will help me race fast

Race week is upon me! I’m heading down to Vineland, NJ for the Run the AVE 5k this Sunday.

It’s been 11 weeks since I last ran a race or time trial. In that last attempt, I ran a 4:50* mile, and since then, I took 10+ days off to recover, then started building my momentum for the fall.

During the 9 weeks I’ve been back, I averaged 5 or 6 runs per week and have consistently felt better each week. I’ve added in workouts [tempo runs, some speed work, and lots of hills] and have gotten my long run up to 10 miles.

I really do not know what this weekend will look like or feel like from a pandemic standpoint, but I am really excited to see how all the running I’ve done pays off.

This much is true: I’m a much better racer than I am a trainer. I just race well even if I’m not in great shape, but now that I’m in good shape, this weekend should be a very promising start of fall racing for me.

Are you racing soon? Virtual or in-person? What is your comfort level with in-person racing? Are you going to be racing later this fall? ⤵️

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Friday’s Action Plan:

Want to run fast? Spend time running fast during training. The first way to add speed is through striders. You can do striders after runs or before workouts.

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Run the Ave 5k - this Sunday

Good Day for a Run - this weekend

TrainwithMarc virtual 1-hour race - details TBD

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