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Spend the time doing what pushes the needle

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Today, I’m recapping and doing a deep dive into the post that Carly wrote on the TrainwithMarc blog.

In it, she outlines her best ideas to give YOU time back that you’d otherwise have spent doing something less productive.

For example, when we started putting our phones in airplane mode at night, we were able to settle into a “normal”, regular nighttime routine - one that wasn’t filled with checking our phones and falling down the rabbit hole. This one, for me, was the really big indication that I was actively trying to take back control of my time.

Not only did I not need to be on the phone later at night, but I was destroying my potential sleep.

Carly’s other ideas are also really easy to put into practice. Be sure to read the post, and if you’re feeling extra nice, a social share goes a very long way.

Need more details? Here’s this week’s blog post.

Friday’s Action Plan:

If you have it in you, (I know a lot of us are pretty addicted to our devices, myself included) put your phone in airplane mode starting at 10 pm. Each week, put it off and away 5 minutes earlier.

You can find more tips in this weeks post.

Big Events Coming Up:

Chicago Marathon - October 13th

Track & Field World Championships start TODAY (Friday 9/26). The schedule is here.

What’s Got My Attention:

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Video: NAU crushing a Threshold Workout

Article: Fears over safety of World Championships marathon runners in Qatar heat despite midnight start 

Quote of the Day:

“Save the excuses. It’s not about “having time”. It’s about making time. If it matters, you will make time.”

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