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What we can learn from New Zealand great, Nick Willis

My goal in each of these newsletters, the blog posts I write, the coaching I do, and the social media shares I push out have one thing in common: to try and bring you value. 

I try to write about pain points that either I’m going through or that you might be going through… Sometimes, I read about what you write in Facebook Groups - mine or Run856’s - and attempt to answer your questions.

This week, I’m going to look at staying in top form as we get older. And older. And older.

I read an article about Nick Willis - a former competitor of mine while in college is still (I mean still) competing at a very high level.  How high do you ask?  

Well, he’s broken 4 minutes in the mile for 19 consecutive years (a World Record).  He’s 37 and still competing with the best in the world!

So here we are - mere mortals compared to Nick Willis, but there are obvious (and maybe not so obvious) places where we can learn a thing or two from this New Zealand legend.

So here’s a short list of what I believe makes Nick keep going and what you can do to mimic his success:

  • Full support from family

  • A belief in one’s ability

  • Using resources, like longtime coaches, to stay up on current training philosophies

  • Staying healthy

  • Mixing up training and racing events

  • Keeping training fun and relevant

  • Using small wins to keep motivated

I know that this winter was brutally tough for a number of reasons, so my wish and my hope for you is that you take some strength in recognizing how strong and resilient you are.  

You got this!

I will be taking a brief one-week hiatus to get some long-term projects done, but I’ll be back the following week.  If you have any ideas for topics you’d like me to cover, reply to this email.

Friday’s Action Plan:

Give yourself an opportunity to focus on your most important and most rewarding tasks first. These will help get the ball rolling.

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