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A quick recap of the most recent race performances

This’ll be a short and sweet newsletter as the really good news is now almost a week old.

After running my mile race with Sam - and thanks to everyone who predicted my time - I waited nervously for results from a small in-person marathon up in the Poconos that Jackie was running. As I started seeing posts on social media come in, I had a bad feeling: “the hills…” “never ending” “tough course…”

And I didn’t hear anything for maybe 2 hours after I thought she would have finished. I felt bad that she had put in so many miles and done everything right for her marathon to have gone south.

But then she texted and she had not just a good run, but an excellent run! In my words, she hit a homerun. We surpassed her A goal and she popped a 3:12 marathon!

I’ve had hard workers before, but I don’t think I’ve ever had a Jackie. She really pushed me to new levels as a coach and I’m guessing by her 3:12 marathon performance that I helped her in some way, too.

Like I mentioned earlier, Sam and I lined up for a mile race. He had a 10 second head start on me so he could get some practice leading. It was a good rust buster for him as he’s now going to get into the meat of his racing season

Not too long ago, Paul lined up for a 5k and hit his own version of a homerun. He ran a 22:37 for 5k and was also super pumped after his performance.

Things are definitely heating up here at TrainwithMarc headquarters! I’m excited for the bulk of the spring and of course, can’t wait for the summer. I’m hopeful that races will return, runners will decide they need a coach, and everyone will be safe.

My question for you today: Do you have a race coming up? What can you do in practice that will help you prepare for it? It could be as simple as run more or cross train 1 x a week…

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Friday’s Action Plan:

Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Aim to try something new in practice so that if it should happen in a race, it doesn’t throw your game off.

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