Tips to Help Ya Bounce Back

What I wish I would have/could have done to recover from running quicker

Over the years, I’ve been blessed to identify as a runner. I’ve had so many inflection points that have altered my life because of running. Running fast has been my calling card.

From my early success though, has come this never-ending quest to run really fast. My curse is that my brain tells me, always, that I can run fast no matter what. Did I just take a month off from running? I can still run fast. There isn’t a race I don’t think I can win.

Call it crazy, because I often do.

But after all the racing has been done, my biggest problem is my inability to recover. I can put myself in a world of hurt, turn myself inside out for a race, but then it takes me so long to bounce back. Forever.

One time, I ran so hard I literally dislodged my heel. I was out for months dealing with the repercussion of that race.

Because of all of this, I wrote about running recovery tips this week. On my blog, I dug deep into what I believe are the 6 ways we can speed up recovery.

I hope you’ll have a read and find out all the strategies I use to recover - because if anyone needs help recovering from running, it’s certainly me.

Friday’s Action Plan:

Create a recovery plan that works for you and your running.

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Marc is a middle school teacher and coach but also works with distance runners online. I help distance runners around the globe by providing support, writing customized training plans and designing workouts to help them reach their racing goals. I write for my blog every Wednesday morning and newsletter every Friday morning.