Time Away From Running Makes Me A Better Runner

Why I'm spending 10 days getting completely out of shape

In what has been the hottest (temp-wise) of the summer, I chose the perfect week to take off from running.

I upped my mileage at the same time school’s let out for the global pandemic (mid-March) and I have been pushing hard since then. After two 1-mile time trials, a lack-luster 5k attempt, and then my *sub-5 mile, I felt I had burned the candle well enough that time off was rightfully due.

My plan all along was not to sit around idly, like I might have done when I was younger. Instead, these are some of the lessons I’m employing that I think will help you:

  1. Two days off/one day running. I haven’t done this in a long time, if not forever. Instead of taking 7-14 straight days off in a row with zero running, I decided to keep my body moving and in some routine by running 4-5 miles on the day I run.

  2. When I’m training, aim to run prior to the sun getting hot. That means I’m up and out the door by 7-7:30 am.

  3. Hydrate adequately throughout the day. We enjoy a daily club soda for some flavor and bubbly. Favorite flavor: cherry anything.

  4. Use idle time to stretch. Quad stretch here, calf stretch there.

  5. Use kids as body weight to do strength exercises. I’m always picking up my two kids and doing squats, etc.

I’ve used this time away from running to write more (blog posts coming) and I’ve actually spent the last 6 days sans-social media. I deleted it from my phone and it’s been liberating and also freeing to do other things. Win-Win-Win.

Friday’s Action Plan:

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