The 1st 30 Days Into Running

3 (out of 12) tips I'm sharing with YOU to get back in running shape

30 days to get in running shape. Think back to the last time you took an extended break from running. Do you typically take shorter or longer than 30 days to feel like you’re back to where you want to be?

This week’s blog was all about how to get in good running shape in 30 days. I just surpassed the 30-day mark and I think it took me about 15-18 days this time to really feel like I could say I felt in shape. I think one of the reasons this was the case was because I didn’t take 10-14 straight days off. I allowed myself time to rest with days off, but I mixed in easy running which kept my legs going.

Some of what I wrote about I want to dig deeper here for you. I want to give you some insight into why I do/did what I do/did so you can replicate it and add it to your training.

  1. Run SLOW. When I’m out on an easy run, my runs are the least Strava-worthy runs that exist. [Follow me on Strava!] I’m honestly in no rush to get in a fast run and that’s exactly why I have a big running foundation and eventually can run fast. If you’re running too fast (even slightly too fast) on most runs, you are either 1) cutting your runs short, 2) too sore to run the following day, 3) never truly recovering or 4) risking your body not being ready for the fast pace and getting injured.

  2. When I’m out of shape and getting in shape I bring in all the heavy hitters to help me. Music, podcasts, new running loops, new shoes, friends… You name it, I need it. I do not like being out of shape, but what helps me is the distractions of the above-mentioned and that gets me to the 30-day mark and to when I feel fit enough to not have every run be a struggle.

  3. Use a training log. The runners I coach are all expected to fill in a training log. I have been using a training log since I first started running in 1999 and I can go back and find all [except for about 6-12 months that went missing] the runs I went on, how I felt, the amount of mileage I was doing, etc. This is invaluable information when I’m training.

So out of the 12 tips I wrote about on the blog this week, I only did a deep dive into three of them. If/when you read, leave a comment or reply to this email and tell me which one you feel you need to incorporate into your training, regardless of whether or not you are on a break, coming back from a break, or deep into training.

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Friday’s Action Plan:

Get a training log - a notebook, a journal, excel/sheets and start tracking the training you do, including how you feel and how many miles your shoes have on them.

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