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The Best Tips to Get Fit During the Summer

Don't be fooled: you can get in really good shape during the summer months - even in the dog days of summer in New Jersey.

It's not easy, but it's totally doable.  And the good news? Once the heat and humidity are gone and the fall temperatures arrive - we can capitalize on the fitness we've built during those summer months. 

Today, we're going to look at what smart training should look like and what not-so-smart training looks like. 

For starters, if you can beat the sun in the morning (as in starting your run before 6:30 am), you're going to set yourself up for a successful run. Can't run early? Run late - like well after dinner hours when the sun is setting.

Have trails near you? They'll offer a bit of protection from the sun and it's usually a bit cooler there. 

Obviously, what you wear has a big impact on how you'll feel. Wear light colors that reflect the sun + wear moisture-wicking apparel from head to toe.

Got water? Make sure you hydrate well during the day so you don't have that sloshing feeling in your belly.  If you'll be out for a while, try doing some loops where you can stop and sip on water.  Or, (unlike me) carry water with you.

If you can't bring/carry water, you might want to try cooling your core body temperature before you leave.  See a sprinkler or a pool?  I give you full permission to cool yourself down before you go!

A big thing that really changes during a summer run is your perceived effort.  An 8-minute mile on a 45-degree day feels different than an 8-minute mile in 90 degrees with high humidity.  Run by effort rather than what your watch says.  Goal paces will be slower, but the effort will still be there.  When the temps cool, you'll be fit and ready to rock!

Last thing I think you can and should do: start your run at an easier effort than you'd normally go at. Why?  You can't uncook yourself once you're toast.  There's no coming back from it, so no sense trying to be a champion early on.

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Friday’s Action Plan:

Have a plan for when you will run, where you’ll run, and how you’ll prepare yourself (before and after) the run.

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Train smarter: If you run your easy runs harder than necessary, you won't be able to run your hard runs as hard as necessary

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