🕺Stretching it Out

8 stretches to keep you moving long after your run ends

Stretching isn’t something that you think about as being totally beneficial to running. It’s not glamorous and you don’t see the rewards, if ever. But it is so damn effective at helping runners be more flexible, efficient and reduce the rate of injury.

This week, I wrote about the 8 simple stretches you can and should be doing after a run. None of them are complex or difficult; none of them require equipment or any special gadgets. Just straight up simple stuff to help out your running.

Here’s a snippet of only some of what I do post-run to get loose and unwind from a run:

  1. My main focus is always my calves - that’s what I stretch first and last. I hang a heel off a step or ledge and stretch both the gastroc (what we know as the calf) and then do a bent leg stretch to stretch my lower calf/Achilles.

  2. Quads and hamstrings get the next amount of love. These two big muscle groups are so powerful and need so much love. After a few minutes of stretching, I love getting out the foam roller or massage stick.

  3. My hips don’t lie. Ever since Shakira came out with that song, it’s both haunted me and reminded me that I need to focus on my hips. I focus on having a strong core (glutes and abs) to make sure my hips stay aligned/level and then stretch out the hip flexors. I use the Tim Tebow stretch (think about it, you’ll know what I mean) and a form of the pigeon stretch.

Friday’s Action Plan:

After your next two runs, take 10 minutes to cool down with some static stretching.

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"Success isn't how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started."

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