Strength is Speed

Workout I use to help build strength and speed

For a really, really long time, I’ve been helping runners improve their running abilities. Whether in person, online, or a combination of the two, I write training plans that help runners reach their potential.


There’s always a but. There is so much more to running than just running.

Enter strength work.

I am a really big believer in adding strength to any program - whether it’s a non-traditional sport or a ball sport, strength training is a must.

Over the years, I’ve created strength workouts to go along with the running workouts, but haven’t done anything with them. So this year, after creating a few more, I decided I’d turn them into blog posts to track the traffic and also send people to a single distinct location for each workout.

Once a month, it’s going to be my goal to create and share one new workout that you can do with little to zero equipment. Most of them are high intensity, but not all of them. The bottom line is this though: they’ll all help you become stronger.

This week, I posted a circuit workout that includes some speed accelerations at the end. I hope you check it out, share it, download it/add it to your Google Drive, but most importantly, I hope you use it.

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Friday’s Action Plan:

Find a partner to hold you accountable and do 1 strength routine next week. Already do strength? Add another short session to your week.

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Olympic Trials Marathon (Feb 29th)

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Quote of the Day:

"Be confident in the work you did to prepare for the race. Take a look back at your training logs to remind yourself that you've done everything possible to prepare."

- Des Linden

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Marc is a middle school teacher and coach but also works with distance runners online. I help distance runners around the globe by providing support, writing customized training plans and designing workouts to help them reach their racing goals. I write for my blog every Wednesday morning and newsletter every Friday morning.