Small Changes, Big Results

Running goes by faster when you are willing to switch things up

Just about every run I do, I start and end from my house. I run the same or very similar routes on just about every run.

But not this week.

Even though my run was cut short because of thunderstorms, it was a very good run because I ran in a different part of town. I also hyped this run up a bit because it was supposed to happen on Tuesday, but I moved it to Thursday.

On a different note, but not really… I set up a Challenge that’s still open for entry (it’s free) that has us challenging for 4 different running goals:

  1. fastest 400 meters

  2. fastest mile

  3. 100 miles for the month

  4. 1000 feet of elevation gain

You’re more than welcome to join one or all of them. The link to it is here.

On a third note, this week I revamped a post I had written a while back about adding strength training to our running. *Is it me, or do runners really need help coming up with strength training ideas? Leave a comment, reply, or reach out to me if my hunch is right or wrong.

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I know (and feel) the value of a good workout session and I hope that once you get started doing some basic moves to improve your strength that you’ll see it the same way I do.

The main takeaway from the article is this: there’s no bad time to do strength. It doesn’t/shouldn’t take you long and it should help you become a stronger athlete. Your strength session could be yoga, core, pilates, planks, resistance training… The list goes on, but the idea is the same: a stronger body can carry you through the miles better.

Get started today. Read the story, share it, and then get going with some strength work!

Friday’s Action Plan:

Drive to a new section of town or a town over from you to start and end your run. The new scenery will make the miles fly by.

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“It’s not the will to win that matters - everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.” - Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant

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