Session 6: Becoming a Faster Athlete

Overcoming the Fears of Speed Work

Hello everyone!

Speed work. From all that I’ve been hearing and reading on my blog post this week, quite a few runners are scared of adding speed work into their training plan.

I’m going to do some pondering and responding as to what they could possibly be afraid of and what they can do to overcome those fears.

It’s one of those “I know I should do it, but…” situations, very similar to strength training or stretching. We know we should do it because it’s good for us, but yet, we still don’t. I want to help alleviate some of those fears for everyone out there reading.

Problem 1: I get injured doing speed work.

Solution 1: While speed work has added risks associated with it, the issue is most likely stemming from doing too much or too fast. I’d suggest using a pacing calculator to determine accurate pacing strategies and when in doubt, start with shorter reps and less volume.

If you’re only running 10-15 miles a week, a 5 mile tempo run is probably a good recipe for injury.

Problem 2: I don’t know what to do.

Solution 2: While this is a very valid problem, there are so many places where we can find sample workouts. Of course, there are plenty of variables that go into workouts like:

  1. Roads vs track

  2. Tempo run versus 400 repeats

  3. How many repeats?

  4. How fast should I run them at?

So, I get it. There’s a lot that goes into speed work. My solution to you, the reader, is trial and error. Try and find what you like. Start with short intervals, stretch the time you spend at the pace and keep varying what you do week after week.

Problem 3: I’m not training for anything.

Solution 3: Even if you’re not training for anything, it’s really a good idea to keep a slight bit of speed in your legs. Remember the old saying, “if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it”? Yeah, me too. Well it definitely applies to speed work. Try adding striders to the end of 2-3 of your weekly easy runs.

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“Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.”

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