Session 5: The Use of Cross Training

How I ran less, so that I could run more

Hello everyone!

When I trained for my marathon this winter, I knew flat out that I wasn’t going to be able to run as many miles as I wished I could. I just knew myself. I was coming off of months where I averaged 13 miles. Not a day. Not in a week. But in an entire month.

And since I was coming off such a small base of mileage, I knew how important it would be to supplement my running with cross training as I was prepping for the Atlanta Marathon (race recap here, in case you missed it).

After drafting the training plan I was going to follow, I went back and plugged in strength training sessions and elliptical days (my most convenient form of cross training) into the calendar. When it went in the calendar, it was so much more likely to get done.

During this crucial block of training - my first marathon - I needed (and actually, weirdly enough, craved, time on my feet. What wasn’t going to happen was miles on miles on miles. So I supplemented. And it paid off.

I can’t tell you what cross training you should do - there are so many choices to choose from. What I can tell you is that if you want your running to reach a new level, you have to be okay with taking a few miles off your weekly count and replacing it with a quality cross training session. By replacing some of my weekly mileage with minutes on the elliptical, I was able to extend my long run to 20 miles and my weekly mileage topped out at 45. This was all possible because I supplemented with cross training!

Here’s the article I wrote detailing the 5 cross training modalities I like the best and in most cases, a sample workout you can do if you find yourself cross training.

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