⭐Session 15: Motivate YOU

Finding & keeping your running motivation

Hello and thanks for coming back to the newsletter. I’m excited that you’ve decided to kick off your weekend with a little slice of running.

This week on my blog, I found some questions, added a few, and came up with 13+ questions that people probably don’t know about me. Some of the questions, like my PRs, people can just look up if they really cared…

But others, they dig into my motivation. What gets me out the door for a run when there isn’t enough time or when I really just don’t feel like running. That’s the underlying message in my post.

For example: Question # 4: What’s my quirky running habit?

My answer isn’t that I tie my left shoe first; it’s message is that I’m always trying to push myself to be better - for you, for my family, for me.

I realized recently that I have things to say and a decent way of sharing that message and I’m grateful that you’re reading this and, in doing so, trying to become a better runner.

To read all of my answers, like # 11, how do I stay motivated in the summer, you’ll just have to head to the blog post and read.

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Website: New York City Marathon announces elite field

Video: Recap of the 2019 USA Track and Field National Championships

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Ten Junk Miles

Citius Mag

Runner’s High

Quote of the Day:

“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do what others can’t.”

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