Session 13: Eat for Performance

Hello everyone!

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This week on the blog, I (really with the help of my wife, Carly) wrote 5 summer meals we’d make in a heartbeat. We love to eat good food, but more importantly, we like the food we eat to fit into our (hectic) summer schedule. We don’t want (or need) to spend hours making a gourmet meal when simple fish tacos, for example, will do.

More importantly though, we want to be a source of healthy inspiration to you all. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to be intricate. Don’t make it more messy and confusing than it has to be.

It DOES however have to fit into your life. Just as with everything, you can’t always have pizza and fries, although a world in which that existed would be fine for a lot of us. So check out our simple and easy summer meals: good enough for us and tasty enough to share all in one spot.

Big Events on the Horizon:

USA Track & Field Championships (starting Thursday and running all weekend)

TrainwithMarc’s Bob is racing this weekend - good luck!

What’s Got My Attention:

Video: Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow (Shalane Flanagan): Thai Quinoa Salad

Article: Healthy Sides for Summer (Picnics)

Quote of the Day:

When you feel you can’t go on, know that you’re just getting started. - Kyle Maynard

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