Session 12: Improve Your Stride

How running drills can make you a faster, more efficient runner

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Since starting up my speed sessions (which I freakin’ love doing), I’ve done a lot of research on what it takes to have efficient running form. I’ll be the first to tell you - when I was young and new at running, my running form was all over the map. I was gangly, weak, and couldn’t hold myself up.

As I got stronger [weight room 2x a week for 4 years] and put in more mileage definitely helped lengthen and smooth out my stride. As I got stronger and faster, I was even more motivated to keep up the extra work.

Unfortunately, that’s what it boils down to: extra work.

I’m here to tell you the extra work (what’s done outside of logging miles) is SUPER important.

We’re all here because we want to run fast - - - so you need to give yourself that opportunity. Here’s a quick snapshot of what was in my blog post, entitled Increasing Stride Rate:

  1. Stride rate is a ratio. The “formula” for SR is stride length x stride frequency

  2. Drills, drills, drills. You won’t get faster or have an improved SR without doing some pre-run drills.

    Practice with good form. Go slow when learning the routine - it’s going to feel super awkward because you are conditioning your body to move in a new pattern.

I’m confident you’ll get a lot out of the post. Read it, practice it, share it.

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