Session 11: Age like Fine Wine

Running competitively as we get older

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Is it possible to still be competitive in distance running as we’re getting older? As I wrote in my blog post this week about running well as we age, I am in the belief that yes, we can in fact run [relatively] fast and compete at a high level. Despite younger, faster runners popping up on the running scene, us older runners still have a good chance of running well and placing high.

Enter Age Group awards.

To all those who aren’t winning the race overall, the efforts of everyone else are not pushed aside. Age group awards are a fantastic approach to leveling the playing field while still allowing for competition to flourish.

In this week’s post, I discussed the strategies you and I should be using to be at the top of our training and racing game:

Accept slowing down - it takes just a bit more work to maintain the same efforts that we did when we were younger. Embrace the slow down.

Recover hard - take recovery as serious as the training. Without adequate recovery, no amount of mileage will help us run fast.

Pace yourself - you can’t run all the races and you won’t be able to run every run fast.

Pay attention - small hiccups should remain small. Don’t neglect your body’s warning signs and make a mountain out of a mole hill.

Big Events this Weekend:

Track Academy Week 2

Pop Up Community mile - Cinnaminson HS, 7/18/19, registration opens at 6:00 pm, race is at 7:30. Details here.

What’s Got My Attention:

Instagram: Bernard Lagat posts a 2:12 marathon at the Gold Coast Marathon

Video: Bowerman Track Club’s core session

Article: 44-Year-Old Bernard Lagat Explains How He Broke The US Masters Record In Men’s Marathon

Quote of the Day:

“By pushing myself to the limit—but in a controlled environment—it has allowed me to learn to master my mind, so when in complicated situations I can take the good decisions.”

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