Session 10: Tips from Ultras

What you and I can learn from ultra runners

Hello everyone!

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I’m well aware that most, if not all of us reading this ARE NOT ultra marathon runners. I was pleasantly content running my local 5k races and saying hello to the half marathon once every couple of years. But after my buddy PJ had me convinced we’d run a Ragnar Trail Ultra Relay, my mind shifted from a “hell no” to a “eh, maybe”.

It was only then, at the end of 2018, that I ever really even thought of longer running/racing distances. I started watching a few videos on YouTube that got me interested in the ultra community, the bad-assery of the courses, and the mindset shift from fast, fast, fast to efficiency and patience.

Since Atlanta, I’ve learned that my ultra days will be put on hold for now, but I still found a lot of advice from ultra runners that are very applicable to the rest of us.

So here’s the summary:

  1. Pacing matters no matter what race distance you’re running.

  2. Cut the excuses and focus on being positive.

  3. Keep it real. Keep it fun. Keep it real fun.

  4. Plan for sh*t to go wrong, because it inevitably will.

  5. Experience is worth a ton.

  6. Toughness is forged through miles of running.

  7. Do what makes you HAPPY.

The full blog article can be found here.

Big Events this Weekend:

South Jersey 4th of July Race Results: Haddon Heights, Marlton, Pitman

Pop Up Mile (July 18th @ Cinnaminson HS). Race starts at 7:30. Details here.

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Speed Session 3: July 6th - AM 8:00-9:30 AM - Cherokee HS - Plyometrics

What’s Got My Attention:

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Article: Peaking at the Right Time with Kilian Jornet

Quote of the Day:

“If you want to be successful at the professional level you have to embrace entrepreneurship. If you have no interest in running a business, then professional sports are not for you.” - Lauryn Williams, 2004 Olympic Silver medalist

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