(No) Rest For the Weary

My stance on post-peak race running has shifted through the years

Some people rest completely after a season; some don’t even blink an eye towards taking time off. Which are you?

I was always on the side of complete rest after a long season. It’s probably because that’s what I was used to: after every season in high school and college, that’s what we did.

More recently, I took 2 weeks where I ran every other day or every 3rd day and by the time the two weeks were up, I was refreshed, recharged, and most importantly, not feeling like I had taken a year off from running.

After my season this go-round, I thought I was going to take a week completely off. But my birthday fell at the beginning of the off week, so of course, I had to run a few miles to celebrate.

And after that run, I realized how close I was to 100 miles, so there’s a really good chance that while you’re reading this, I could be literally out running.

Do I need the 3.5 miles? Absolutely not. But I AM a believer in keeping up momentum wherever and whenever you can. If a 100-mile month keeps me motivated to get back into training during the summer months, then an early morning run to close out April doesn’t sound so bad.

What’s your take on post-peak race running? Do you run or do you take off? Leave a comment or reply to this email with what you do!

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Use motivation any way you can - whether it’s from within or with a little help from an outside source.

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