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Hello, friends!

If you’ve ever been injured you know just how much you’d do to get healthy. I’m seeing it first hand as my wife is currently sidelined with a back injury. She’s struggling to get healthy, find her non-running identity, and still be my cheerleader as my running continues.

It’s not easy. I do not wish injury on any runner. Ever.

I’m very fortunate to have found my health and motivation during this insanely difficult and rather long year. 2020 has given my running new life. Being able to work from home enabled me to recover when I’d normally be standing/teaching all day.

Recovering from a run or a hard session is something that I just don’t do well.

I try.


But I’m not good at it. And I’ve never been good at it.

I’m trying though.

One of the first things I’ve done is really listen to my body when I’m running. I might have a day of intervals planned, but when I get out there, things aren’t feeling right. I’ve learned to back down - either cut back on the pace, the volume - or honestly, even scrapped the whole workout.

I’ve backed away from running for the sake of running; especially when I haven’t gotten the sleep necessary to recover.

And, I am taking care of my gut health too. I’ve had some bad years of feeling ‘blah’ and I’m finally doing something about it.


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If gut health is a problem for you - like it is for me - it’s time to take a look at some supplements I’ve recently started taking. They are by a company called Mary Ruth’s Organics. *They did give me supplements to try, but they did NOT ask me to write this.

I am a real big fan. I first had the Immunity Gummies and my first impression was a good one. They taste great and I felt recharged and healthy going into the school year.

Then, I was given the Ultra Digestive Food Enzymes and oh snap. I have a brand new gut! It’s unbelievable. I went from always feeling like I was on a long rollercoaster ride to smooth sailing. Don’t picture it, but it was and continues to be an amazing feeling.

If gut health is something you struggle with, these might be something you’d be interested in.

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