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A special Wednesday newsletter right before the Holiday

When Carly sent me an email saying I should write my newsletter for Wednesday, I thought she was brilliant.

But that meant that I had to write it on Tuesday instead of Thursday! But I did. And here it is.

We anticipated writing about all the local Turkey Trot races you can run, but it turns out that two of them have been closed for days!

Marlton - sold out

Moorestown - still open as of Tuesday night

Medford Lake - sold out

Haddonfield - still open as of Tuesday night

Recent Running Items I Can’t Live Without

Since this weekend is a big shopping day, I thought it would be cool to share the items that I really, really need in my life.

(This email contains affiliate links; I earn a commission on purchases)

  1. My Yeti mug. After leaving it on my car roof on Tuesday, I actually really appreciate it much more now.

  2. My massage gun. It’s well-documented that I love this. It really helps loosen up my tight muscles.

  3. Nuun. I treat myself to a Nuun after any run longer than 30 minutes.

  4. My Garmin 235. I have my steps streak going and I am easily able to track my runs.

My Wish List (For You)

Just as a side note, these were either given to me (drip towel) or I’m an ambassador (alter ego)

  1. Drip Towel for sweaty workouts. I was given a towel by them - they are designed for spin bikes, but make for great post-run sweat towels. Check them out!

  2. Alter Ego Running Hats. As a brand new ambassador, I’m really excited to support their cause and their mission.

What’s Got My Attention:

Article: See the world-class upgrade at the track and field stadium that birthed Nike 

Article: Jacob Kiplimo breaks world half-marathon record in Lisbon - Canadian Running Magazine

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