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My Olympic Trials picks are here

🎉The 2020/2021 Track and Field Olympic Trials are FINALLY here! 🎉

I had originally planned a different topic to write about, but it’s not every week that the Olympic Trials come around, so I decided I would help you get your mind ready for some AMAZING track and field story lines.

Without further ado, here is the list of finals, created by Ford Palmer:

And below, I’m picking my top 3 in each event, plus a quick little hitter about why. Enjoy! Leave a comment or share your thoughts on your favorite event and why.

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Men’s 10k

🥇 Eric Jenkins

🥈Lopez Lomong

🥉Grant Fisher

There has been a decent amount of domestic 10k’s this year - which I feel is abnormal - and even with that being said, I think it’ll come down to a kicker’s race. These 3, assuming they all race, have really good kicks.

Men’s 5k

🥇 Paul Chelimo

🥈Joe Klecker

🥉Cooper Teare

The old guard vs the up-and-comers. Chelimo’s already proven his chops, Klecker and Teare are new to the big leagues but have put in the work to prove they belong.

Men’s Steeple

🥇Hilary Bor

🥈Mason Ferlic


Without the big dog Evan Jager in the field, it’s wide open. McGorty is my wild card being so new to the event, with my other two being more regulars on the scene.

Men’s 1500

🥇Craig Engels

🥈Cole Hocker

🥉Kessler Hobbs

I went out on a long, long limb here. I don’t really think Kessler Hobbs can place 3rd, but he’s in HS and he’s fast, so I really have to give him something! Engels has a kick and experience, so that has to be good for something. Hocker is an upstart who will be racing at home (U of O) and that too is good for something.

Men’s 800

🥇Donovan Brazier

🥈Bryce Hoppel

🥉Isaiah Jewett

I don’t know much about the 800 field this year, except for the fact that Brazier is fast. I haven’t seen any of them race this year, so to me, it’s kinda wide open. That being said, each of these three have been heavy hitters - either this spring or indoors - so I expect these 3 to make it to Tokyo.

Women’s 10k

🥇Elisa Cranny

🥈Emily Sisson

🥉Marielle Hall

Do these ladies even run the 10k? I don’t know! They are declared, but if any of them make it in the 5k, I doubt they double back. I have an inkling that Marielle will - I don’t think she has the speed in the 5k - but I really do not know about the other two. It’s one of the last events of the Trials and if any of these ladies don’t make it through in the 5k, this is their other option.

Women’s 5k

🥇Ellie Purrier

🥈Josette Norris

🥉Karissa Schweizer

I like Ellie’s story- growing up on a farm - but I also think she’s just in a different class than everyone else right now. Josette is a Jersey girl and a top 4 time, so I had to root for her. Karissa has a deadly kick and a fast time, so can’t count her out either.

Women’s Steeple

🥇Emma Coburn

🥈Courtney Frerichs

🥉Colleen Quigley

The queen remains at the top for a reason - she’s simply the best at what she does. Courtney and Colleen have experience and as long as nothing bad happens, I think this was the easiest race to predict.

Women’s 1500

🥇Jenny Simpson

🥈 Ellie Purrier

🥉Dani Jones

Jenny is very similar to Emma Coburn: a regular mainstay for US distance runners. She’s got my vote even though I don’t think she’s raced very often recently. Ellie may or may not double, but if she does run the 15, I like her odds. Dani Jones trains at altitude and I couldn’t find anyone else I thought could beat her.

Women’s 800

🥇Athing Mu

🥈Ajee Wilson

🥉Allie Wilson

There isn’t anyone on the planet who is hotter and sharper than Athing Mu. She’s set collegiate records over 3 events (800, 400, 4x400) and is coming off a supreme collegiate season. I see no reason she can’t win. Ajee is always up there for a win, so I picked her to outkick Monmouth grad Allie Wilson. Looks like an all-NJ pick for me - not surprising one bit :)

These are my picks! What do you think? Any of them a shoe in? Leave a comment, post on social, or reply to this email. Happy watching!


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