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Happy Friday friends. I apologize for not having an email for you last week. I felt like I could rush something to you or I could really take my time and produce something that would bring value to you.

I decided on the latter - it was more important to not waste your time than it was to give you something just because.

It was something that I was grappling with up until Friday morning - I almost got up real early - like 5 am - to jump on the computer and get you something to read.  But I realized (and am still realizing) that quality has to come before quantity.  In other words, I wasn’t willing to put crap into the universe just to say I wrote to you.

This is all a part of me attempting to live, as Gary Vee (and plenty others) would say, like a marathon and not as a sprint.  

I wanted desperately to get ideas to you that you could use to improve your weekend, but I was burnt out and stale. I had no new information to bring you! I felt bad and then I had to move on.

I’ve honestly been feeling that way for quite some time: that if I don’t produce something new for others, then I’m failing.  I’m going to spend the rest of this year putting that crap out of my head.  So if you don’t see me or hear from me, I promise that I’m fine and I’ll be back.  

With 2 kids, a wife, a full-time job teaching, coaching online, and possibly coaching in-person, something will have to slide a tad and while I’m usually good at juggling everything, coping and dealing with a pandemic is probably the straw that breaks my camel’s back.

That being said, my goal IS to provide you with wisdom bombs and good news and information, so here’s what I’m working on:  

10 years of TrainwithMarc and I’ve learned a lot.  I know that I do not know everything.  I’m registering for my 3rd coaching certification (RRCA) after already having USATF and Jack Daniels.  I know there are others out there and I might look into them.  

I want to start doing video conferences to help other runners - kinda like therapy sessions for runners. 

I want to start documenting more of my runs and workouts, but I haven’t coordinated just how that’ll work just yet.

So it’s good to be back. I’m hoping that I don’t have to miss many more newsletters - I know just how much you guys love them - so I will do my best to have quality writings for you.

Last week, I jumped back into the blog and wrote an article about keeping New Year’s resolutions.  I think I do a pretty good job of keeping resolutions - like no soda or 10,000 steps a day - and I run with them (no pun intended), for as long as I can.  In the case of not having soda, I’m now 4.5 years in without it (I’m not missing it at all).  As far as 10k steps a day, I’m also having success with it, although I’m not sure what the point is anymore (1,341 consecutive days)...

If you want to read all of my strategies - I don’t use them all at once, of course - you can read them on my blog →

What’s your best strategy to keep a new goal? Leave a comment below.

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Friday’s Action Plan:

Don’t burn yourself at both ends. Take a step back, prioritize what’s important and put your energy into that.

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Make time for it. Just get it done. Nobody ever got strong or in shape just by thinking about it. They did it.

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