My 🍑 is Stronger Than Yours

Glute Activation really helps + the 1-Challenge

Happy Friday! After another scorcher of a week, I finally feel like equal parts melted mush and a smidge faster.

I’m wrapping up July with a somewhat smaller monthly mileage, but this is with full knowledge that I took 6 days off to regroup and recharge after a decently long and productive spring.

Now that I’m on the comeback, run distances are getting longer (and faster) and the amount of time (and effort) I need to recover between runs are getting shorter. To me, you can’t ask for more!

On top of the mileage coming back, I’m incorporating a lot more strength into my week. I have been feeling more powerful on my runs and I owe a lot of that to the work that Carly put in to create the glute strength routine for me (us). You can find the full post on my blog this week.

I wrote extensively on my lack of glute productivity, so I won’t harp on it… But as much resistance training as I was doing, I still had a lazy butt! I didn’t think it could/would happen to me, so my thoughts are that it might be happening to you too!

At the very least, read the post on Glute Activation, share it with a runner friend, and take the time to do some of the exercises. The worst thing that happens is you get stronger even for a short period of time.

Friday’s Action Plan:

Carve out 20 minutes every other day to work on activating and strengthening your glutes.

Big Events Coming Up:

The 1-Challenge: August 1st-31st —> 1 lap (400 meters); 1-mile; 1000 feet of elevation; 100 miles. Work to complete the challenges within the month. The higher up the leaderboard on each challenge puts you in a spot to be the 1-Challenge winner!

*Click the link to find my group, then enter all 4 challenges.

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“Fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds' worth of distance run.” -Rudyard Kipling

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