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Why running continues to send me into fits of rage

After reading a recent article suggesting we NEED to watch an upcoming marathon, they continue on about how it’s behind a pay wall.

Here’s my beef with distance running and more importantly, with the governing body, USATF:

There is a big-time, “impromptu”/inaugural marathon with only professionals happening this Sunday. Our sport is desperate for people to watch, support, and promote the sport, right? So what does our governing body do? They make you pay to watch the race live.

Imagine if the NFL or NBA said, we know we want you to watch our post-season games, and you can, you just have to pay $19.99 to see it.

Could. you. imagine.

And if you don’t want to pay for it, we get it, we’ll show you some highlights of the action 12 hours later.

I mean, seriously!

For the majority of you/us out there, you might not have even known a race was happening this weekend…

And that’s my second gripe with USATF and distance running. We have very little means of promoting and supporting professional runners without mainstream support. Wouldn’t it be amazing if a major network picked up the race and showed it in its entirety like a proper football game?

Wouldn’t it be cool if companies were picking up the tab on prize money offered to the runners? [Prize money for this race is $5000, $2000, $1000] Instead of 3-deep money, find a way for companies to give products away, sponsor a finish place, or even live stream the race?

Basically what I’m saying is this: if USATF, track and field, and distance running at large are looking for a bigger audience, then why put all your eggs behind a pay-wall?

I really think I could go on and on for much longer. If you’re asking my wife, she KNOWS I can go on for a lot longer, so I’m going to stop right here.

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