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What I think we can all learn from the do-it-all marathoner dad, Marty Hehir

Earlier this week, I saw a video of Marty Hehir - the Philly-area med student who won The Marathon Project about a month ago. 

While I’m definitely a fan of the accomplishments Marty has produced, what makes him even more unique (besides still being in med school) is having 2 young daughters and his ability to train and race at a high level.  

In his video, he was wrapping up some repeats when he had to literally dodge his toddler daughter on the snowy path he was running on.  I am obviously impressed that he’s getting workouts in with all on his plate, but more so because he has two little ones that I’m SURE are not giving him and his wife much sleep.

As purely speculation, I’m going to make some assumptions about Marty and his training that might help you when it comes to your training:

  1. His mileage is probably lower than you might expect it to be.

  2. He runs his hard days hard and his easy days easy.

  3. He runs whenever he gets a window to run.

  4. He mixes in cross training and strength training throughout his week.

  5. He maximizes the time he spends running by doing quality sessions with higher volume.

  6. He prioritizes staying healthy (prehab, rehab).

  7. He sleeps as much as he can.

Again, purely guessing as to what Marty does for his training, but I do know someone with two little kids, med school rotations and high-level marathoning has to be doing something right to keep all the balls in the air.

If you don’t know about Marty, check out his Instagram.

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