Managing Stress

Prioritizing what matters so that you can minimize your stress level

I have been really bad at managing my stress lately. We have so many different things going on that it’s hard to tell whether we’re coming or going.

Have you ever felt like that?

I’m sure you have.

Between work, friends, working out, raising two kids, it’s hard to find time to do the things we like to do.

This week, I’m making lists and prioritizing what has to get done and what can wait until later. A co-worker had a great analogy that I want to share with everyone: “Teachers are like Thanksgiving platters; more and more gets piled on, but nothing ever gets taken off.”

That’s really true, especially this time of year - when report cards, grades, IEP’s, and normal teaching duties are all there.


This week was so busy that even though Carly wrote a blog post for me, I didn’t even get a chance to edit it and post it. Womp womp.

In not posting it though, I freed up some mental space to be more present and accountable for what did matter and for that, I felt a lot of relief.

Friday’s Action Plan:

Make a list of your priorities. Keep it handy and make sure you’re doing what pushes the needle and what HAS to get done. Everything else can wait or doesn’t need to get done.

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Marc is a middle school teacher and coach but also works with distance runners online. I help distance runners around the globe by providing support, writing customized training plans and designing workouts to help them reach their racing goals. I write for my blog every Wednesday morning and newsletter every Friday morning.