Listening To Your Body

My body’s alarms were ablaze this week. I had no choice but to listen.

After a decently challenging workout last Wednesday and a long, hilly run on Sunday, my body’s signaled to me that Monday needed to be my regularly scheduled day off from exercise.

Unfortunately, my mind had other plans: I wanted to run instead of take off because later that day I was getting my second covid shot.  I didn’t want to go 2 days without running, but I just couldn’t pull myself to get out the door on 2 different occasions.

Monday - unscheduled day off.  Again it’s my regular day off every week, but because of the shot, I wanted to move it to Tuesday.

Tuesday - scheduled off day.  The shot really knocked me back and I was feeling woozy and had headaches throughout the day.  No sense in making things worse.  Day off.

I didn’t want to take multiple days off in a row - I have been really consistent throughout the last 12 months, but when my body is telling me not to run, I try and listen.  There’s that fine line between being “lazy” and doing what’s right.  

Here’s the bottom line:  If you are listening to your body’s warning signs and it’s telling you that a day off, or a day of less miles, is what it needs, then take it!  Had I run, I might have been so tired/stiff/depleted that when I got my covid shot it would have put me under for even longer and then I would be out for much longer than just Tuesday.  It was a trade off I was ultimately willing to take: take off Monday and Tuesday won out over running Monday and potentially being worn down and needing multiple days after Tuesday.

Does that make sense?

Next week (or possibly the week after), I will be holding a contest for guessing my mile time.  The 3 closest guesses will be getting a copy of Running in the Midpack courtesy of Bloomsbury Sport Publishing.

Friday’s Action Plan:

Think long term about your goals and what path you believe will get you there with the least amount of setbacks.

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