Is There a Bright Side?

As heard on a run...

New Jersey, we still have a long way to go.

On Thursday morning, I was barely a quarter-mile into my early morning run when an older lady walking 20 or so meters in front did a quick pivot and faced me. Clearly, she didn’t hear me until I accidentally frightened her. I quickly and profusely apologized to her as I continued to run past her.

“Sorry for scaring you”.

Her response: “You’re the right color. You didn’t scare me.”

I kid you not. I was so taken aback I didn’t know what else to do except keep running. I thought and thought about what she could possibly mean by ‘you’re the right color’ but I have no answers for that kind of response.

I don’t know guys. I really thought we (Cherry Hill/ NJ/ America) were better than this. I thought, maybe we could somehow be more intelligent. I thought that we would somehow know (and all BELIEVE) that the color of our skin doesn’t determine what kind of person we are or how we’ll act.

I’m saddened and really just straight up hoping I heard her wrong. Somehow, I really don’t think I did.

Be safe people. Be safe.

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