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Would you rather: World 5k Record or Olympic Medal?

Happy Friday everyone. We picked a PERFECT week to have a staycation, right?!

It had been a real long time since I last put out a blog post - something about writing for my newsletter and also for the blog found me quite, how do you say, overwhelmed…

I had been chipping away at the post for about 4 weeks, but now it’s scheduled and ready. It’s called How to Taper for Your Big Race. It’ll be sent out Wednesday morning and you can catch it on social media or straight from my blog if you subscribe to it.

Last week, there was running news about Asics's version of the ‘super shoe’ - I haven’t bought into the whole phenomenon yet. I’m not sure what I’m waiting for other than I feel really good running in the shoes I currently train/race in, so why would I jump to a pair of rocket ships when my current mode works well enough…

Do you have a pair of the so-called “super shoes”? What are your thoughts about when someone should make the transition to them?

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This weekend I will be lining up for a 5k down in South Jersey - big thanks to Second Capital Running for hosting. The plan is to run even splits and then compete over the last 800 meters. Based on my 4:58 mile time trial from 2 weeks ago, I think a 16:50-17:10 would be ideal and I’d be happy with it.

Do you ever use a pace calculator or running calculator to predict race performances? If you’re stuck and need help - I can assist you.

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Friday’s Action Plan:

Don’t neglect some time off! After a long season it’s really good to rest, recharge, and refocus with some days off and some cross-training.

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