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Session 102: My review and recap of a LiveStrong.com article

In recent weeks, I’ve written about taking a break from running, why it’s so important, and how it’ll set you up for future success.

Now that you’ve taken your break - or maybe the pandemic has really just hit you hard - you now need to get your ass back in gear.

Let’s be truthful for a second here. Not all of us are born runners. And even if you are (or were), at some point, you’ve taken a break and tried to make a comeback.

The comeback is sweeter, for sure, but it’s also really freakin’ tough.

Hell, there are days when even when I’m in decent running shape and I have to stop and ask ‘what the hell am I doing to myself?’

With all this in mind, I was asked to make some comments about why a runner might be struggling to run a mile without stopping.

Again, for some of us, this isn’t anything new, but for those of us who do struggle, this will be very helpful.

Here’s the summary of the article:

  • Our body does a good job of warning us when we’re putting it in discomfort or pain.

  • Build your mileage slowly and if you have to, use short intervals mixed with walking until you have enough stamina to run without breaks.

  • Pain somewhere? Get your running form checked out!

  • Knee issues? Maybe you need new shoes (hello running store visit!) 300-500 miles is the typical range for shoes.

  • Ankle pain? Could be you’re in the wrong type of shoes for your foot’s need.

  • Cramping? Before you run, make sure you do dynamic/active stretches. After your run, take some time to foam roll, use a massage gun (affiliate link), or stretch to help.

  • Belly aches? Maybe you aren’t eating the right foods for what you need - or you’re eating too soon before you try and run.

  • Shin pain? Back off running, do some cross training and do some prehab and rehab exercises to alleviate some of the pain.

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So that’s the summary of the article. Did you find anything new or helpful? If so, share this to your Stories or to a friend who needs to read it!


Friday’s Action Plan:

Planning your next racing season? Make sure you take your time getting in shape. Setbacks will happen if you rush the process.

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