Getting Back Into Training

My time away from running will catapult me back into successful running

It was a very timely week for me to write about 3 effective workouts to get back in shape. Why? Because I spent the last 10 days trying to do everything I could to get out of shape.

Say what? Aren’t I a coach who is always trying to get people in shape? Yes.

But after a long and grueling spring of training, I was due for some time off. I was starting to dread getting up for runs and when I did make it out, I found excuses to cut the run short. At that point, the flags go up and I knew it was time for a break.

My 12 days are over: 8 days off with 4 days of really easy running sprinkled in. I feel better. I’m up in the morning, energized, and ready to run. Taking a break from running is exactly what more people should be doing!

Now that I’m back, I’ll spend 7-15 days of just easy running before I start adding in some workouts. When I do that, I’ll be incorporating the 3 types of workouts I wrote about in this week’s blog post: “3 Simple and Effective Running Workouts To Get Back Into Running Shape”.

  • Hills (I love them)

  • Fartlek running (good for those bad at pacing)

  • 400s (easy to do on any available track)

Personally, I’m a big fan of hill running and fartleks. I’m not against 400s, but I find that being on a track after years of track workouts just isn’t for me.

Friday’s Action Plan:

After a running break, or a few weeks into running again, try one of the three workouts above! For info on what they are and how to run them, visit the blog.

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