Get Your Sleep

8 hours for a happier, healthier runner

You really don’t realize how much you cherish a full night of sleep until you continually do not get your 8+ hours a night.

Since we’ve had Finn, as expected, nights have been a bit, how should I put this nicely... interesting.

Almost a full year ago, I wrote a post about tips for getting better sleep, and while I feel I do, in general, get really good sleep, I know that a lot of us aren’t.

And for us to continually want to perform at our best - in running or at work - we need to be getting quality zzz’s. Not only does our performance suffer, but a run-down athlete is more susceptible to sicknesses and injuries.

On top of that, have you ever been around a person who is lacking in their sleep?

Friday’s Action Plan:

Put your device in airplane mode at 8 pm every night for a week. It’ll kickstart your bedtime routine and get you in bed at a reasonable hour.

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