💰Frugality for the Win

How saving money frees you to do what you like

This week’s blog post on how to be a runner and frugal at the same time was a post I’ve been meaning to write for some time.

People often say that running is a cheap sport, and it is for the most part.


But it’s also not cheap at all!

New shoes every 3-4 months. The latest reflective, moisture-wicking gear. Race entry fees…

By the time you even get to the start line, you’ve spent lots and lots of money. And if you’ve done it right, you can do it while also saving some cash-money along the way. Enough dough that you can splurge for that running coach you’ve always been eyeing up - I see you!

Here’s what I’d do to save money - head to the Haddonfield Running Co and pick up last year’s version of the shoe you love. While you’re at it and since it’s on sale, pick up two pairs. Your shoes will last longer + you’re buying something you KNOW you’re going to use but at a discount.

You’re probably going to sign up for the race at some point, so do it early. The earlier you do it, the cheaper the race is. Look for promo codes online or become an ambassador writer/contributor with BibRave.

Now that you’ve started on the saving game, step up your game. TrainwithMarc offers $50 or a free month of training when you refer someone to train with me. After you’ve saved on shoes and races, you’ll now have the capital to get a coach to help you reach your true potential!

Friday’s Action Plan:

Find a deal/promo code on something you KNOW you’re going to buy and buy it at a discounted price.

Action plan 2: get a runner to sign up for a plan and I’ll gift you a free month of coaching or $50 cash (or Venmo).

Big Events Coming Up:

NCAA XC (Saturday)

NJ XC Meet of Champions (Saturday)

Philadelphia Half (Saturday) and Full Marathon (Sunday)

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“Don’t buy things you don’t need to impress people you don’t like.”

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Marc is a middle school teacher and coach but also works with distance runners online. I help distance runners around the globe by providing support, writing customized training plans and designing workouts to help them reach their racing goals. I write for my blog every Wednesday morning and newsletter every Friday morning.