Flexibility Unlocks Potential

How flexible are you with the training you do?

I am happy to say that my training has been gaining momentum lately and I feel prepared for my first 5k race in over 2 years!

It’s Carly again, Marc’s wife, and I’m taking over his newsletter today!

I have been running 4 to 5 days a week for the past few months, and I’ve been able to get a longer run of 6 miles in a few times.  I’ve been doing a decent job keeping up on my strength training too!  Can’t have everything, can we?

Big win for the week, though: an awesome outdoor yoga class for the first time since the pandemic hit! All this to say, I’m hoping for a good run this weekend.

I have also been mindful of my flexibility. And no, I am not talking about hamstring stretches...I mean flexibility in my running plans.  I used to be extremely strict with myself; if I had a plan for the day or week and I did not accomplish it, I was very irritable.

For example, last week I had the kids, the dog, and myself to get ready for a morning run.  And as I was putting on my sneaks, I remembered that we were having workers check out our house that morning. I called their office to see if they were on their way and they said within the half-hour!  Luckily I waited because they actually arrived only 10 minutes later and the visit lasted an hour.  Obviously, a run did not happen. And while I could have been really bummed, is a stroller + 2 kids + a dog run really the most enjoyable run ever?

So instead, I went with the flow.  I fed the kids lunch, put the baby down for the nap, and took my daughter outside while I did a workout.  I felt GREAT and accomplished after the workout too - no regrets!

So why do we get so stuck on the run?  I think it's because of the counting of the miles.  I ended the week with 12 miles rather than 15 miles. But really, I still moved my body, got on a good sweat, built some strength, and had some fun.  Isn’t that what it's all about?  

Here’s the workout I did. After a few rounds of dynamic warm-up stretches first I then finished my workout with my daughter.  She joined me for some of the bear crawls and long jumps and she acted as my timer for my 30 seconds of mountain climbers (she got stuck on number 28 each time!!)

Friday’s Action Plan:

Have a plan of what you’d like to accomplish, but be flexible with how you achieve it.

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