Finding My VO2 Max

Running down how I am able to base workouts off of my heart rate

Have you ever seen a runner on a treadmill and he or she is maybe goofing off and they fly off the back? Yeah? Good.

Earlier this week, I connected with a high school friend, and lo and behold, he is the Director of Health Sciences Program and an Assistant Professor of Kinesiology. He brought me into his lab for a VO2Max test. He was trying to get me to fly off the back of the treadmill.

What’s a VO2Max test, you ask?

Well, here’s a quick summary of what happens:

The results:

  • I ran for 17:10.

  • My maximum heart rate is ~189.

  • My VO2 Max is 67.5 mil/kg/min.

  • HR at Lactate Threshold is 170-171 beats per minute.

  • I got the treadmill to a slope of 33.2 degrees.

All this to say that the data I gave (and Pat collected) will be then used by me (coach and runner) to determine paces, effort levels, and current fitness. I know what my max heart rate is and I can base workouts off of a percentage of the maximum.

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