Reaching For Your Fall Goals

Get ready to ride the train to PR town

If you're reading this, you probably have some BIG SCARY goals you'd also like to achieve.

You're not alone.

I have big goals that I'd like to achieve that are really big motivating factors for me. Like a big one I've had is running 1,200 miles in a year. Before kids, not a problem. Since kids? Yeah, hasn't been something I've been able to do.

Think I'm joking? 2016 kid number 1 arrives. 2019 kid number 2 arrives.

2016: 552 miles

2017: 487 miles

2018: 470 miles

2019: 709 miles

2020: 1112 miles

2021: 860 miles (and counting)

So yes, running 1,200 miles is just a number. If I run 1,150 I'll be equally as happy AND as fit. So the number is less about a number and more about consistency, it's just hard to measure consistency without numbers.

But now that fall is fast approaching, here are a few things I plan on doing to help me reach my big goal of 1,200 miles. (My other goal is/was to break 5 minutes in the mile, and since I did that already, I don't have any race goals I'd like to chase.)

1. Be flexible. The heat will still be around for a bit and so is the return of teaching and coaching cross country. I'll need to stay on top of running when I can and know that a few miles are better than no miles.

2. Get in the sack. Sleeping is the one way I can really control how I feel and how I recover from running. When we are in our groove and flowing, I am in bed, lights out at 10 pm ( if I run in the morning, which I prefer, that means I need to be up by 5:30). 7.5 to 8 hours seems to be my sweet spot. If I get it, everything else clicks.

3. Recover, recover. I am notoriously bad at recovering (even with good sleep), so making sure I hydrate and eat well is the next goal. I drink 3 "large" containers of fluids during the school day so that sets me up well for being hydrated. I'd like to get back on the stretching routine and that'll be something I try and do at night.

4. Run early. When I run in the morning, everything else falls into line. I'm able to eat when I'm hungry and I don't have to worry about a meeting or practice getting in the way of my run. Sure, running at 6 am isn't the easiest, but when it's done I feel amazing.

OK - that's my 4 tips to getting my ass in gear this fall. Leave a comment or reply with a tip you like of mine or one of your own that'll help you have a successful fall!

Friday’s Action Plan:

Be ready to adjust your training paces and your perceived effort level once the weather breaks. If you’ve done your summer training, what once was a suffer-fest will now be a stroll in the park.

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