🏆 Upgrade Your Warm Up

Do yourself a favor and break a sweat before your next race

A growing number of runners are lacing up all across the country for what might be their very first road race. That’s really cool. I fully support you at whatever age you decide to start running. What I’d love to see out of more runners - new and old alike - is to get your body prepared for the running (or racing) you plan on doing.

There’s a reason why we see 30% of all runners injured at any given time - we don’t take care of ourselves enough!

Why should you warm up before a race? Here’s some good reasons why:

  1. Easy to run fast on warm, loose muscles.

  2. Preview the last mile of the course.

  3. Scope out where you’ll be chowing down after the race.

  4. Have you ever tried sprinting in the winter? Yeah, not fun.

In my blog this week, I detailed the 70 minutes prior to a race starting. If you’re lost and don’t have a routine in place, this post is for you.

What does your warm up routine look like? Do you have one? Tell me! Reply to this email and let’s chat.

Friday’s Action Plan:

Try these 3 drills prior to your next run —>

1. Over 30 meters, walk and alternate pulling a knee up and into your chest.

2. Over 30 meters, walk and alternate pulling your heel to your butt.

3. Over 30 meters, walk on the balls of your feet, trying to be as tall as you can be.

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Quote of the Day:

“It’s better to keep up than catch up.”

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