⛰️ Hills Are Your Friends

Use hills to boost your running potential

There are two types of runners these days: those that love hills and seek them out and those that don’t. If you haven’t run up and over a hill in a while, I’m telling you now that you’re missing out.

Hills aren’t just good for people who are racing in Atlanta (Atlanta is really freakin’ hilly). Hills should seriously be your best friend. Once a week, pop over to your nearest hill and do some repeats or just get reacquainted with some hills - even slow ass running is going to help your running.

Hilly running boosts your aerobic capacity (your ability to take in oxygen), it helps with knee drive (you can’t run hills without getting your knees up), and it creates serious power (think powerful, stronger legs!).

Now, you can’t tell me that these three things aren’t worth the little extra effort of some hills? Make hills your friend, take it one rep or one 30 second bout at a time, but I’m telling you, whether you’re running a hilly marathon race or trying to best your 5k on the track: hills should always be a part of your training plan.

So what camp are you in? For hills or against? Reply to this and let me know your thoughts! Need more details? Here’s this week’s blog post.

Friday’s Action Plan:

Find a hill in your area. Do a warm up run of at least 10 minutes, then get familiar with the hill. Do repeats up it at 5k-half marathon pace {this is a big range, but like that on purpose because all hills are different} with a jog recovery back down to the bottom. Repeat until you’ve done enough. Finish with a cool down.

Big Events Coming Up:

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57 days until Marine Corp Marathon

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